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Planet Aldo’s very survival is at risk as it’s forced to relocate to different parts of the universe with enemy alien Demonians set on its demise.  The relocations are fueled by the precious Heerkna, which, unknown to Earth, is plentiful in California’s remote Padre Valley caves.  KING RONAN, 50, has tasked leader of Aldo’s fleet and heir to the throne, the fierce and stunning PRINCESS SONA, 20s, and crew of SPACESHIP JINAN with the mission.  The Aldonens are gifted with the ability to make their ships invisible and weaponize deadly energy blasts.  The Demonians covet Aldo’s relocation technology and are determined to take over the planet and rule the universe.  Adding to the  drama, Sona and crew must battle the enemy aliens and retrieve the Heerkna from Earth before a black hole closes that dooms Aldo.


During a battle with the Demonians, a U.S. satellite is destroyed and the Jinan damaged, which lands the alien craft on the North American Aerospace Defense Command’s (NORAD) radar. Sona is forced to land the damaged Jinan in the Padre Valley to make repairs and retrieve the Heerkna.  Unbeknownst to treasure hunter MALIBU, 30s, his latest Padre Valley find is Aldo’s prized Heerkna.  At the same time, college students, SAMMY and KATIE, are also in the valley on an Earth Sciences class research assignment. After a rocky first encounter, the students reluctantly agree to help repair the Jinan while Malibu leads Princess Sona to the Heerkna.

Marines of the elite Manticore Unit classify the Jinan a threat and set out to destroy her. When they arrive in Padre Valley, the Jinan makes itself invisible with the two students hiding inside.  Meanwhile, on their trek to the Heerkna, a cave-in traps Sona and Malibu and injures the Princess.  By telepathy, using Aldo’s neural interface gems, the Jinan grants Malibu the power to heal Sona.  Now, they must race the clock to escape with the Heerkna in time to relocate Aldo before the black hole to safety closes, under the constant threat of the Demonians and the Manticore Unit.

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